He's Not Into You But God Is!





During recent years, many of our single women have experienced unhealthy relationships which often lead to unhappy marriages, financial woes, domestic violence, abortion, unwanted pregnancies, lesbianism, and other heart-wrenching difficulties. This problem does not only exist in our society but also in our churches.

Elder Beatrice Horton, an associate minister of Been There Done That Redemption Ministries has written and collected data to address reasons teenage girls and single women become involve in unhealthy relationships and how to help them overcome the instability in their lives.  If you are single, a teenager, (ages 13-16 must be accompanied with an adult)  divorced, or widowed, you will find the seminar enlightening and educational.  To host the seminar or for additional information regarding the seminar entitled, "He's not into you but God is,"  please contact Elder Beatrice Horton at beholy2@att.net.