Meet Pastor Darron Roberts

As a teenager, Pastor Darron was negatively influenced by his two older brothers who sold drugs and was involved in other criminal activity. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the Army. He received an honorable discharge from the Army, but when he returned to St. Louis his life took a turn for the worse. He went back to a life of crime.

In 1989 he began using and selling drugs. He was a arrested on numerous occasions for selling drugs and unlawful use of a weapon - one felony after another. After landing in jail on numerous occasions and finally incarcerated in the main line prison with a 12-year sentence. Pastor Darron surrendered his life to the Lord. While in prison, he developed a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord. It has been 20 years since his release from prison. In 2002 he was ordained to the ministry. Been There Done That Redemption Ministries was birthed under his ministry in 2012. He also ministers weekly to the inmates at the St. Louis Medium Security Institution.